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  • v1.19.5 - YABATP stable


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.19.5, a stable release, is now available to download through the account manager.

    This is likely the last major bugfix patch for 1.19 - just yesterday I have asked our coding team to begin prioritizing tasks for the upcoming 1.20 update that revolves around the second main story event. This part of the story will involve a lot of travel and consequently will require new systems and experiences to make traveling more engaging.

    Screenshot by MannyXIII, shared on Discord #screenshots

    All game updates since v1.19.4

    • Revert: 20% mining speed debuff on Rock has been undone. The other debuffs remain
    • Tweak: More first person hands animation tuning
      • Tweak: Adjusted animation for raising your temporal stability
      • Tweak: Bucket now visually stays level when selected
      • Tweak: Improved watering can ready animation
      • Tweak: Adjusted impact and sound frame for smithing
      • Tweak: Watering animation with a watering can now looks better
      • Fixed: Freezing animation no longer continues indefinitely
      • Fixed: Animation Jitter on axehit. Experimental. Might break stuff
      • Fixed: Ready pose for shovel fixed again
    • Tweak: Buffed warmth on reindeer herder coats and boots
    • Tweak: When selecting any language in Interface settings, the restart server and community translations messages are immediately localised
    • Tweak: Linux and macOS users, selecting an Asian language or Arabic, are given a warning message (in English) to check their fonts
    • Fixed: Various potential crashes if packets received or threads still ticking during client shutdown; should fix modded multiplayer server connection issues
    • Fixed: Trader wandering off while trading
    • Fixed: Angry bees not stinging the player
    • Fixed: Boars with offspring attacking even when game settings place creatures on passive mode
    • Fixed: Bighorn sheep (and some deer) still had wrong step heights in 1.19.4
    • Fixed: Topsoil grass re-growth did not match original worldgen grass
    • Fixed: Item transfer between inventories using mouse was not logged to server-audit.txt, chute placement is now also audit logged, to counter item siphoning
    • Fixed: Fixed curd bundles abusable as infinitely lasting food storage. Remove curd bundle from creative inventory because these are now always empty
    • Fixed: Shapeless recipes not consuming ingredients if spread out with only one per slot, e.g. wooden path
    • Fixed: In Homo Sapiens game mode (or others where lore content is off) locust nests would still spawn
    • Fixed: Torches would not start fires in leaves, grass etc. with Shift+right click
    • Fixed: Bug in creature pathfinding system that prevented them to walk towards their intended goal
    • Fixed: Properly fix crashes / texture atlas overflow related to labeled crates
    • Fixed: Dyes very chunky looking when inside barrels
    • Fixed: Peanuts and Olives not visible in meals
    • Fixed: Distant tule were colored white-ish
    • Fixed: Multiple smithing and player animation issues
      • Smithing not registering hits sometimes. Action/Sound not in sync with animation
      • Smithing hit action sometimes executing twice
      • Some player animations stopping too early, causing jerky movement (e.g. left mouse with hammer)
      • Some left-mouse actions sometimes looping the animation multiple times
      • Other players' animations no longer running
    • Fixed: Iron anvil merging derp and hammering sound not playing
    • Fixed: Ore map generators no longer seed-deterministic since 1.18.8 upon game restart
    • Fixed: Mobs dropping Jonas parts (e.g. Double-headed Drifter) and random loot in chests could repeat a sequence, now truly random
    • Fixed: Occasional visible worldgen anomalies if worldgen multithreaded and a Translocator is spawned
    • Fixed: Jonas lamps, Gas lamps and Banners were not repairable with glue
    • Fixed: Clutter bookshelves were missing the same glue-repairing mechanism as other clutter
    • Fixed: Clutter bookshelves names not localized in repair chat messages
    • Fixed: various handbook and block HUD info issues:
      • Aged version of Antler mounts missing from handbook and Creative inventory
      • Falx handbook entry showing mining speed for wood and leaves, when it cannot break either
      • Purpleheart and Ebony tree logs block HUD info incorrectly stated they were breakable with Stone axe
      • Incorrect help tip on wooden pan [GitHub report #3680]
    • Fixed: Various crashes and logged errors
      • Rare crash when typing during drunken effect
      • Rare startup crash when logging off while sitting (sitting in-game!)
      • Version 1.19.4 crash if pies were placed on clutter tables
      • Very rare crash involving a pot of jam on the point of turning rotten
      • Crash when clicking on a food container while holding a bowl containing Rot
      • Rare but long-standing crash when clay-forming [GitHub #3713 #2284]
      • Very rare crash when chiseling in multiplayer [GitHub #3688]
      • /kick command crashing a dedicated server if no kick reason given
      • Renderer crashing if a dropped item has an id which has been removed from the game (e.g. because a mod was removed)
      • Further attempt to fix very rare crash with EntityItem; added additional debug logging
      • Exception when executing the /stop command immediately after joining a singleplayer world
      • Potential crash with shields if no space for texture etc (GitHub issue 3598)
      • Very rare exception issue logged to file, related to axles
      • Plant container error if the container block does not exist, for example when a mod was removed
      • Shader compile error on Intel internal graphics
    • Fixed: Font issues when switching language to Thai, Chinese (Simplified) or Chinese (Traditional)
    • Fixed: /gm sp command not setting player to spectator mode
    • Fixed: Movespeed command not working: /player [player] movespeed [amount]
    • Fixed: Worldconfig allowLandClaiming not being respected when using /land commands
    • Fixed: WorldEdit mirror functionality issue with chiseled blocks
    • Fixed: WorldEdit control "Cloud Y Position" not working for some languages like German
    • Api Tweak: Items/Blocks can now define an attribute "inBarrelShape" to determine their shape inside a barrel
    • Api Tweak: Don't crash on invalid GroundStack
    • Api Fixed: WorldAPI RegionMapSizeX would return a size off by one since game version 1.12.9. Affected methods are MapRegionIndex2D, MapRegionPosFromIndex2D, MapRegionIndex2DByBlockPos
    • Api Fixed: Chatcommands with multiple `WithPreCondition` or a pre-condition and `RequiresPlayer` would over-write each other. Now all pre-conditions are checked and if one pre-condition returns EnumCommandStatus.Error it won't process the command further.

    Changes since v1.19.5-rc.3

    • Tweak: Updated community translations
    • Fixed: Very minor memory leak in the worldmap, ore map layer
    • Fixed: Game crashing when smithing on the last point of hammer durability
    • Fixed: Endless knifing animation on dead animal harvesting when turning away from the animal

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