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  • v1.19.8 Dot the i's and cross the t's


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.19.8, a stable release, is now available to download through the account manager.

    Just a maintenance patch. Should reduce the amount of server restarts server owners have to do. Fixes a few annoyances.

    Soviet panel house by Chuchi Gucci, shared on discord #screenshots

    Game updates

    • Tweak: Added playername to logging of server command execution (only relevant for multiplayer servers)
    • Fixed: Clutter bookshelves were not dropping items when repaired with glue
    • Fixed: Items getting mixed up / undefined behavior in heavily modded worlds where the amount of item ids exceed 32767
    • Fixed: Able to move some dialogs out of the visible area, such as the Character Stats dialog
    • Fixed: Hand breaking animation endlessly repeating when holding left mouse down on empty hands then switching to another tool with left mouse button still held
    • Fixed: Left clicking with oars in hands playing attack animation endlessly
    • Fixed: A crock in the auction house crashing the game client when hovered over
    • Fixed: Dynamic lights (like held torches) flicker heavily in 8x8mil worlds
    • Fixed: Chunk generation on larger than default sized worlds had a massive performance leak. Creating a new 8x8mil world is now 5 times faster - the same speed as a 1x1mil world.
    • Fixed: First person animation for pouring liquid metal improved.
    • Fixed: Server lagspikes after several days of uptime. (Technical info: BESpawner not unregistering despawn event, causing 100ms ticks on entity despawning after 7-10 days of uptime on TOPTS)
    • Fixed: Server memory leak on large survival servers after several days of uptime - 7 Mb per unique player since startup. (Technical info: Consumed 1.5 GB on TOPTS after 9 days of uptime due to 209 unique players visiting over this time period. Fixed by not initializing the creative inventory on player join)
    • Fixed: Server crashing when there's a corrupted itemstack inside a crate that a creature tries to pathfind over
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