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  • Vintagehosting! (v1.14.9 & v1.14.10)


    Dear Spring-y Community
    v1.14.10, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    [Edit:] Also released v1.14.10 to fix a connection issue with Vintagehosting servers!

    Vintagehosting. A year in the making, now finally ready! 🎉
    We built this service so that players can have a pleasant experience from the moment they visit our site, and that includes setting up multiplayer servers. From today on we are offering home-brewn game server hosting. It's ideal for small groups of friends and family!
    Right now we only have 100 servers available, but we will buy more hardware should the demand arise.
    I believe we've created a really useful service and we're excited to see where it will take us!

    => Buy Server hosting on our Store <=

    Here's a screenshot of the server dashboard

    Game Version 1.14.9
    We needed to update the game to improve support for Vintagehosting. Also several bugfixes are included as well.

    Kats first SELF MADE lantern \o/  (as shared by her on discord)

    All game updates since v1.14.8

    • Tweak: Improved server dashboard UI, more user friendly world download process, can now download world after server time has expired
    • Tweak: Updated langauge files, added esperanto.
    • Tweak: Fixed animation jerkiness for block placement/interacting, bow aiming/shooting and spear aiming cancel. Made bow aim look a bit better.
    • Tweak: Minor modification to /stat command output. Now shows max clients and amount of seconds a player was last online
    • Tweak: Updated all translation files
    • Fixed: Removed 2-deep-waterhole-of-doom. You can now swim out again :D
    • Fixed: Right clicking with an empty crock on an empty bowl made the bowl invisible
    • Fixed: Rounding issue on the health point tooltip of the hp statbar
    • Fixed: Wrong worldconfig tooltips on the singleplayer world selection screen and every 2nd one missing
    • Fixed: Other players not seeing items in chests being added or removed
    • Fixed: /land claim revoke not revoking access
    • Fixed: Should theoretically fix ewes forever milk-able, again >.>
    • Fixed: Missing translation entry for dead sawblade locust
    • Fixed: Several steel tool heads used the stone age model instead of the iron age model. Fine tuned some gui transforms
    • Fixed: Update cellar spoilage rates instantly when player looks at tooltip, not next temperature tick
    • Fixed: One direction where a single angled gears was rendered with wrong rotation
    • Fixed: Fix corrupt locusts spawning close to the world surface
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