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  • Weather Sound Slider (v1.13.4)


    Dear Seasonal Community
    v1.13.4, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

    Build by Stainlessfool

    Game updates

    • Feature: Added a weather sound slider to modify only weather sounds*
    • Feature: The environment dialog (opened by 'C') now also shows rough rainfall frequency
    • Tweak: Rain tweak. Slightly reduced rainfall, made rain patterns change more often over time. Fixed a client<->server discrepancy on rainfall values
    • Tweak: Added a "Loading..." notice to the world loading screen for clarification**
    • Tweak: Server now dies if a corrupt map chunk is encountered and when not in repair mode
    • Tweak: Updated language files, added Romanian translations (32% done)
    • Fixed: Owl chest drops in the handbook were incorrect
    • Fixed: Should finally fix the rare issue where a server state becomes corrupted and certain players die of hunger, even when offline, until the server is restarted
    • Fixed: /we mfill failing hard when trying to place chiseled blocks with it
    • Fixed: Not able to place plank piles on chiseled blocks
    • Fixed: At long last, the create world name field no longer deletes your custom world name when changing playstyles

    *so that we can hear PSJRs voice in its full glory during his let's play 😄
    **suggestion by pakratt, and no idea what happened there during world loading, seems to be some sort of disk read/write bottleneck? Send me your server-main.txt next time it happens again please!


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