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  • Where is v1.9?

    Dear fellow Followers,

    0-heldlantern.png.bec60fbf250f504969175ed46ba9bb28.pngI should probably post a bit more often here.

    The Development of the game is still (almost) as active as ever with some small short breaks here and there. Purely due to convenience I have been posting most updates on our official discord chat server. There are even some pre-release versions of v1.9 available for download.

    What I also posted there was a small brain snapshot: As much as I want to complete v1.9 as soon as possible myself and it bugs me immensely that the update takes so long, no crunch time was able to remedy that, and only burned me out in the end. So I took a 2 day break and continue at a normal pace again, which means v1.9 will come out "when its done". There's some things where I can't just take shortcuts without compromising the overall quality of the experience. It'll have to take as long as it takes. That being said though, there is very few features left to be added and mostly gameplay balancing and bug fixing remains to be tackled. 

    Thanks for your patience,


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