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  • Windmill and Shift+Click Itemstack moving fix (v1.12.10, v1.12.11)


    Dear community
    v1.12.10, an stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

    I'm really taking the RERO philosophy to heart, it seems. Version 1.12.9 introduced a bug that seemed to make windmills stop for most users. This should fix it. It might also make inventory management a lot easier due some of my attempts at making shift+left clicking stacks act a tad more intelligent!

    [Edit:] Also released v1.12.11 to fix a server side crash!

    Screenshot by dagoline

    Game updates

    • Tweak: Attempted to make Shift+Left click Itemstack moving more intelligent, e.g. chests are now the preferred container for accepting moved item stacks    
    • Tweak: Added dark outline around waypoint icons
    • Tweak: The new propick mode now consumes 2 durability instead of 5
    • Tweak: Consuming a meal from a bowl should no longer move it into another slot
    • Tweak: Seashells now yield 2 lime instead of 1
    • Tweak: Hunter backpacks now also show up on the players back
    • Tweak: Can no longer add more charcoal than required to the bloomery. This also means you have to add the ore first and then the coal
    • Tweak: Reduced chandelier yellow-ness by a bit
    • Fixed: More third persion animation derpiness. Might cause new derpiness. Lets see O_O
    • Fixed: Bowaim + offhand torch animation derpiness
    • Fixed: Windmills no longer turning
    • Fixed: Artisan trader not selling clay planters and logging errors in the server-main.txt
    • Fixed: Running /stats command right on startup throwing an exception
    • Fixed: Missing block names for plant-in-planter


    Edited by Tyron


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