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  • Wintery Stability Patch #2 (v1.14.8-rc.1)


    Dear Wintery Community
    v1.14.8-rc.1, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    Quite overdue, but finally here, at least in unstable form. Due to a rather annoying bug with cellars at chunk edges not being correctly detected as cellars, we've decided to push yet another (mostly) bugfix update. In the process we also made staying warm inside a room with a lit firepit a bit easier - the range is now increased.

    This update also completes one more major milestone for our server hosting services - which is the ability to configure worlds easily. That also required me to rework of the single player world configuration a bit - so the seed and world height settings are now on the customize screen as well.
    This server hosting service is is currently in closed beta. Once we are able to make a public beta, we'll likely call the service "Vintage Servers".

    As for the next major update - we got some really neat stuff done and more is in the works, but the bulk of the update yet needs to be completed. Yet again, I personally am not as productive as I would have liked to be, but that is also rather challenging with the current ongoing world wide situation. I'm happy to see the rest of the team churning out assets and code at a very healthy rate though.

    Here's one v1.15 sneak preview on something I was working on and that I've already shown on discord - rope physics!2021-01-29_13-11-29.thumb.png.3b10799fa834c39c638e107a2137d2f2.png

    It's possible that v1.15 might take a while due to us taking one or the other detour along the way. We might also cut back on the planned features and release earlier. Let's see.

    Anyhow, thanks everyone for playing and contributing with mods, translations and all the other stuff! Keep calm and carry on chiseling! ❤️

    Screenshot & Build by Romec

    Game updates

    • Feature: Hosted server services: Can now configure world configuration
    • Tweak: Firepit warming rework reduced default warming range, but increased indoor warming range
    • Tweak: "Low" graphics preset now more suitable for modern Intel integrated GPU
    • Tweak: Restored firepit flames rendering starting on player joining game
    • Tweak: Singleplayer screen tweaks moved seed and worldheight fields into the customize screen
    • Tweak: English language strings for world customisation: corrections, clarification, formatting and additional help
    • Tweak: Updated community translation files
    • Tweak: Grass-covered blocks and other seasonal tinted blocks can no longer be chiseled (currently not supported)
    • Tweak: Closing the create or edit waypoint dialog now focuses the worldmap again
    • Tweak: Create character screen eye/skin/hair colors now have tooltips to show the color name
    • Tweak: Changed default music frequency from 'sometimes' to 'often'
    • Tweak: Block Info text for Tool Rack and Shelf now consistent with placement of items (left to right)
    • Tweak: Added item collection sound when an anvil completes smithing an item, if the item is auto-collected by player inventory
    • Tweak: Several handbook text updates
      • Various typos fixed
      • Added meteoric iron and steel to the progression guide
      • Mentioned bloomery for smelting quartz and iron in the smelting guide
      • Mentioned node search mode in the propick guide
      • Fixed raw and ripe cheese missing from the handbook
      • Fixed teleporter and mentioned being listed although they are creative only blocks
    • Fixed: Literally being on fire still left you freezing cold. Now it warms you up pretty quickly
    • Fixed: Bamboo leaves were being removed by chopping down neighbouring trees
    • Fixed: Wrong block breaking overlay on coal piles
    • Fixed: Player body temperature resetting to normal body temperature on world reload/rejoin
    • Fixed: Draining temporal stability while in the create character screen
    • Fixed: Burning coal piles not providing heat
    • Fixed: Maybe finally fixed trader names visible from far away instead of only visible when looked at
    • Fixed: Coke burn temp too high
    • Fixed: Raindrop ripples and other water surface effects broken (=high frequency noise instead of ripples) in some instances
    • Fixed: Should fix Prospecting Pick crashes for fr & nl language users
    • Fixed: Occasional error report in logs from projectiles
    • Fixed: Coopers Reeds in ice looked too bright when seen from distance
    • Fixed: Breaking a block beneath snow-covered grass, now destroys the grass correctly
    • Fixed: Placing two Blister Steel work items on top of each other no longer causes one to be lost
    • Fixed: Cellars on chunk boundaries not showing correct perish speed until a block update occurred
    • Fixed: Commonly occuring error logs for wearable armor shapes not having TextureSizes set
    • Fixed: chunk loading on a newly joined world 30 to 50% slower than necessary (technical info: a new join was seen as a teleport, causing enqueued chunks to be treated with a low priority)
    • Fixed: occasionally charcoal pits not fully converting if span unloaded chunk border
    • Fixed: Ensure correct deep charcoal pit behaviour even if there is a solid block between wood piles vertically
    • Fixed: Rare Mechanical Power issue where part of a network rotates wrong sense after passing through multiple gears
    • Fixed: Shift crafting items with a nearly full inventory doing weird stuff
    • Fixed: Missing shaft down face on the iron axe
    • Fixed: Item loss from crafting and general slot shift-clicking into Cooking Pot
    • Fixed: Spoilage rates in containers in cellars were shown incorrectly in tooltips client-side
    • Fixed: Smithing recipe names, "plate" causes them to be HelveHammerable
    • Fixed: Rare crash when Pile of Junk Metal broken with Prospecting Pick
    • Fixed: Silver/gold-lined lanterns leaving behind a ring of faint light, when picked up
    • Fixed: Attempt to fix crash with BulkEntitiesAttributePacket
    • Fixed: 2x2 Tapestry quarter items now named with correct section position
    • Fixed: Crocks of pickled veggies not emptying contents when placed back into barrels
    • Api Refactor: Removed class "GuiElementTextControl", not sure what it was good for. Replaced it with "GuiElementControl"
    • Api Fixed: entity weight property not synced to client

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