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  • Wolves (v1.3.8)


    Feral Vintarians
    Version 1.3.8 is now available for download in the account manager.

    We're back from the 4 day ReVersed Festival and it was awesome! We've met so many great and interesting fellow game developers as well as curious players. We showed our game to some 40 people or more. We also gave some interviews about our game. We're definitely looking forward to the next one.

    At the festival we showed off a new animal - the wolf. Here is now the official update with it. Enjoy!


    Game Updates

    • Feature: Added hostile creature: Wolf - Currently very dangerous, so best avoided until there is armor / ranged weapons in the game ;-)
    • Feature: Loot Vessels - random loot found in ruins
    • Feature: Mega Screenshots - Hit Ctrl+Alt+F12 to make 4x resolution screenshots
    • Feature: Added suffocation damage for living entities when inside blocks
    • Feature: Chicken now try to avoid water and can swim out of it
    • Tweak: Cattails are now edible (The Long Dark anyone? ;-)
    • Tweak: Changed crosshair to black/white dot, experimental
    • Tweak: Flints slightly more common
    • Tweak: WorldEdit Gui - can now use mousewheel to increase/decrease number values by steps of 1 or by 0.1 if shift is held down.
    • Tweak: Fixed white border issues when looking at blocks at a distance
    • Tweak: Hitting an entity now plays a "Slapping" Sound
    • Tweak: WorldEdit now also does overload protection on too large brushes (limited to 50 currently)
    • Tweak: Updated hammer and ember block texture
    • Tweak: /time set day now sets the time to 8am instead of 9am
    • Tweak: Entities stop seeking players if they switch to creative mode
    • Fixed: Some items/blocks disappearing when attacking an entity with them in hands
    • Fixed: Placing raw and burned molds using wrong textures
    • Fixed: Some wonkiness with the creative inventory
    • Fixed: Rare crash when server is under heavy load
    • Fixed: Crucible not adding 4 slots to firepit
    • Fixed: Crash when putting a non-smeltable item in the crucible slots
    • Fixed: Desync issue when working on an item on the anvil
    • Fixed: Hurt color now again applied when a entity gets damaged
    • Fixed: Chickens spawning in the desert
    • Fixed: Crash when closing dialog with the 'X' button
    • Fixed: Issues when trying to smith an axe

    Edited by Tyron


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