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  • World Generation Extreme Edition (v1.2.0)


    Adventury Vintarians
    We might just have invented ectasy in voxel form. See for yourself by downloading 1.2.0 in the acccount manager

    I've also started to migrate some of the first mechanical power back bone from vintagecraft to vintage story. No visible progress to show on that front just yet.

    Please note block entities, like Chests and Signs now use a new method of saving their data to the savegame. It will cause old signs and chests to loose their data and will log an error. Sorry about that. I did this update to make those blocks more resilient against future updates. 

    Up next we will probably try to get some of the most essential survival features done so you can actually make use of the new prettier terrain.


    • World Generation Updates:
      • Remade all Landforms: The world should now look significantly more varied and unique. Also way more traversable with big flat building grounds.
      • Improved forest generation: The terrain is no longer covered in trees. There are also large patches with only light or no forestation. Added a tree generator to produce massive redwood trees. Tweaked several of the tree generators. 
      • Wider range of colors: Brown wintery forests and yellow Savannahs galore!
      • Larger Biomes: Double the size of climate areas
      • Much more deco: Worldgen now also generates frosted tall grass, berry bushes, ferns, lily pads and very large patches of heathers/western gorse to imitate heathlands.
      • And many many other tweaks
    • New Blocks
      • Berry Bushes: Red Currant, Black Currant, White Currant, Blueberry and Cranberry. Can't harvest them yet :<
      • Lily Pads: Basic version of lily pads on the water, will receive some more love in a future update
      • Tall Ferns: 2+ block high ferns for a perfect addition to the jungle underbrush
    • API Updates
      • Feature: Network API that let's modders set up custom network channels and network message for arbitrary communication between client and server
      • Feature: Shader API let's modders define and load their own GLSL shaders and use them during rendering
    • Feature: The client now supports basic video recording with the command .rec. The big advantage of that is it should be absolutely lag free video recording, no matter how laggy your game is. Unfortunately it does not yet support audio or compressed video recording yet.
    • Feature: Added 2 server side tools to quickly prototype worldgen configurations. There is now also a mod api property that let's you disable auto generation of chunks (api.WorldManager.AutoGenerateChunks = false) 
      • /wgen del [radius]   - deletes given radius of chunks near the world center
      • /wgen regen [radius]  - also deletes, but also reloads all worldgen config files and regenerates those chunks.
    • Feature: Remade all tree leaves textures. They now look more consistent with the rest of the art style.
    • Tweak: Potential lag reduction on slower machines (uploading of mesh data now happens less often and in bigger batches)
    • Tweak: Updated several other textures
    • Fixed: 2-3 Crashes when trying to play on a standalone server
    • Fixed: Crash when trying to rename a world 
    • Fixed: /stop not exiting standalone server without hitting enter key
    • Fixed: Server<->Client Player Position Desync in Multiplayer, causing the player to teleport weirdly in certain cases
    • Fixed: Chests instantly breaking

    2016-12-01_15-44-28.png 2016-12-01_15-05-24.png

    2016-12-01_14-00-47.png 2016-12-01_13-48-14.png

    2016-12-01_12-17-50.png 2016-12-01_01-28-14.png

    2016-12-01_01-20-20.png 2016-12-01_01-02-56.png

    2016-11-30_19-08-26.png 2016-11-30_19-02-58.png


    Edited by Tyron


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