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  • World Generation Part 1


    I had some extra Time between the updates shown in the last articles and this one, so we got several new features:

    - A lot of code cleanups, tweaks, rewrites, fixes and also finished some incomplete features (finalized clouds, clouds move with the wind, refactor client commands, game window now remembers the window size, etc..)

    - A square moon and a new night sky!

    - Major push towards world generation (about 1000 lines of code added), which now generates the first component: Rock Layers!

    - Another worldgen component, at least a super basic version: Tree generation. Currently it generates 3 kinds of trees (birch, pine, oak) anywhere according to a forest map, using the tree generator from Vintagecraft. It is still missing a bunch more features.

    - To help me make sure that the climate is calculated correctly I added biome/climate colouring of blocks which now works for tallgrass blocks


    Pictures on https://imgur.com/a/3ZVpr


    Up next: Finally some decent terrain


    Edited by Tyron


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