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  • Worldgen Hotfix #3 (v1.9.0-rc.4)


    Connected Vintarians
    Version 1.9-rc.4, an unstable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

    In this update you can browser for game servers that are currently running ingame! Head on to the multiplayer section and click on "Browse public servers" \o/
    The feature is pretty basic right now, but it works! 



    Game updates

    • Feature: Added public server listing, added ability to advertise servers on the listing
    • Feature: Added ability to set server name during runtime via /serverconfig name
    • Tweak: Significantly reduced animal spawn during worldgen, especially for wolves
    • Tweak: Harvesting carcass now costs 3 durability with the knife
    • Tweak: Increased surface copper deposit size and chance of it spawning surface bits
    • Tweak: Increased clay/peat/soil deposit size by 20%
    • Tweak: Reduced village spawning chance by another 50%
    • Tweak: Slightly more fitting fox death sound
    • Fixed: Some oddities with dead animal physics
    • Fixed: Animal carcasses deleting water blocks
    • Fixed: Some oddities with dead animal inventory after harvesting
    • Fixed: Creating alloys sometimes yielding 99 units instead of 100 (untested ^_^;)
    • Fixed: Patched more places where the random number generator could get out of whack and have a weird impact on gameplay
    • Fixed: Removing all voxels from a clay form did not remove the block
    • Fixed: Knapping making a knapping sound on empty voxels
    • Fixed: A buch of block/item names were missing 
    • Fixed: Missing texture when knapping peridot
    • Fixed: Quartz no longer dropping clear quartz (untested ^_^;)
    • Fixed: Hematite not smeltable into iron

    API Updates

    • Fixed: Player starting items not moddable
    • Fixed: Dependency errors not logged

    Edited by Tyron


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