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  • Writable Signs, Better Performance, New Blocks, Video! (v1.0.6)


    Literate Vintarians!
    Yet again an excessive list of updates since last version.
    Version 1.0.6 is now available for download in the account manager.

    Thanks to Nachtfalter we have a super pretty video to show this time, demonstrating merely one new feature of v1.0.4 (and in part v1.0.6): The chimney block. It also gives you a glimpse of our new Logo and new Youtube Channel.



    • Feature: Signs are now writeable and can also be placed on walls!
    • Feature: Much improved performance when placing/removing blocks, in part due to a completely new localized sun relighting algorithm.
    • Feature: Overall slight improved performance due to the removal of two rather slow code obfuscation methods.
    • Feature: Added Stone Path Block. Gives a 15% movement bonus while walking on it.
    • Feature: Added Frosted Grass Blocks. Gorgeous winter decoration <3
    • Feature: New Particle property "SelfPropelled": Particles can regain their velocity when collided, when freed again. (Smoke Signals!)
    • Feature: Added block behaviors. This is an elegant solution for certain blocks that behave in several ways. This now allows for the chimney block auto-orient when placing. Surely will have many future applications.
    • Feature: Readded Mechanical Power Blocks: Currently only useful for decorative purposes.
    • Feature: Random Rotation for the Import Tool. Using /we imrrand [off or on]  will randomly rotate the placed import file.
    • Feature: New Flower: California Poppy
    • Feature: Added 2 new commands to assist in long flyover cinematics
      • /sendchunks [0 or 1]  - stops standard chunk loading to reduce potential lag sources during recording
      • /forceloadchunks x1 z1 x2 z1 [sendtoclient]  - loads given area of chunk columns and forces the server to keep them in memory. If 'sendtoclient' is supplied, these chunks are also sent to client, unaffected by the /sendchunks command.
    • Feature: Added 2 new server configurations to assist in underground cinematics (in serverconfig.json)
      • SkipEveryChunkRow: 5  - will skip generating every 5th stripe of chunks
      • SkipEveryChunkRowWidth: 2 - makes the skipped stripe 2 chunks wide
    • Feature: Readded basic rails block. Can't be properly connected yet around curves and stuff. Also there is no minecarts yet.
    • Tweak: Overall graphics quality improvement - godrays shader slightly more intensive, high bloom levels brightens the sky somewhat less, slightly increased color contrast, better bloom quality
    • Tweak: New ice textures
    • Fix: Item Textures now correct again
    • Fix: Using several colored torches sometimes caused some blocks to have the wrong coloring
    • Fix: Resolved an uncommon client side crash in certain cases when loading a world with dropped items 
    • Fix: Singleplayer Loading Screen should no longer scroll out of range on a large gui scale
    • Fix: Chimneys continue smoking after the block is removed in certain cases
    • Fix: Topsoil not showing grass coverage in the creative inventory
    • Fix: .help now shows all commands with the correct '.' prefix
    • Fix: One major source of network lag when dropping many items 

    2016-10-21_21-04-04.png 2016-10-22_15-51-03.png 2016-10-22_17-10-49.png

    2016-10-23_17-25-50.png 2016-10-23_21-40-21.png 2016-10-24_19-26-37.png

    2016-10-26_01-12-55.png 2016-10-26_01-11-32.png

    Edited by Tyron


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