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  • Bug bounty program

    Are you a programmer or hacker? Are you looking for glory, fame and a bit of compensation? You might have found the right place ^_^
    We are looking for skilled hackers to fix serious issue in our game and web software. Monetary rewards would be sent to you through PayPal.
    Feel free to ask questions to Tyron on Discord or through the Support ticket system. If you found a solution, please do test if it does not break other parts of the game, then write us a support ticket as well. Rewards are only given for the listed issues below. Thank you and happy hunting!

    Discover a vulnerability
    The Vintage Story Game Server, Game client, account manager and the official site should be safe for users to use and not leak any sensitive user data. If you find such vulnerability, we'd greatly appreciate it if you report them to us
    Reward: Depending on severity 20-150 Eur, 1-5 game keys, an exclusive in-game "Bug Hunter" or "Security researcher" entitlement.

    Fix Wayland Mouse Support
    The Vintage Story Client uses OpenTK 3.1, an open source graphics library that also handles windowing and mouse/keyboard input. It currently does not properly support 1st person grabbed mouse movement in Vintage Story for Linux Wayland. We'd be happy if someone could hack in support for it in OpenTK 3.1 or Wayland itself
    Reward: 100 Eur, 5 game keys, an exclusive in-game "Bug Hunter" entitlement.

    Improve MacOS Mouse Support
    Similar issues as with Wayland. We've been getting reports that the 1st person grabbed mouse mode in OpenTK 3.1 is not working on some MacOS Systems. You can search the official forums for a problem description. This is a very old bug the dev team has been unable to reproduce and we'd be happy to finally get rid of it. Again, the fixes would (likely) need to be applied to OpenTK 3.1.
    Reward: 100 Eur, 5 game keys, an exclusive in-game "Bug Hunter" entitlement.

    Fix Stair Physics
    Walking up a long stair case in-game has an jitter effect that is unpleasant to look at. This is due the way the stepping physics are programmend in BehaviorControlledPhysics.cs. If you find a solution that smoothens that motion and does not cause unwanted side effects, we'd be happy to get that into the vanilla game
    Reward: 50 Eur, 3 game keys, an exclusive in-game "Bug Hunter" entitlement.

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