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Tool related suggestions, maybe some other subjects


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Sharpness! I just made my first iron tools and thought: “Hey this knife was just made by hammering hot iron. No way this thing or other tools are sharp.” Stone is understandable as knapping causes sharp edges, but metal doesn’t make sense. My idea is to add sharpness alongside regular durability, the better the metal, the better the edge retention, as well as whetstones and other sharpening tools. Maybe tool repair too? Moreover, I feel like the knife is a bit bland looking, very plain, maybe a more rounded or detailed blade would look nicer? Maybe craftable handles instead of sticks? Also: Bone drops. The bone carcasses left after butchering dead animals doesn’t make full sense, we get bone drops from butchering then there’s still a near full skeleton left? I think when butchering, no bone drops. But when breaking the carcass, or even a separate animation followed by an inventory or unique menu, we should be able to get bones. (Or even unique bones depending on use! Like jaw or skull or bones for handles!)

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