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Option to have wolves not attack on sight unless provoked


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I find myself frustrated by how wolves basically make traversing through forests a death wish for much of the early game. It was particularly frustrating when I was unfortunate enough to spawn in an area with forest in every direction. My workaround so far has been to set the creature hostility to "passive" but the issue I have with that is the fact that it's far less believable that I could shove myself into their faces and they wouldn't think anything of it. I'm hoping this is placebo, but it also seems to affect the way animals interact with each other. I come across significantly less animal corpses with the hostility set that way, to the point where I wonder if the wolves are actually eating them or if they're dying coincidental deaths.

I suspect a happy medium would be having a world option where wolves share the same AI as pigs and ewes in the sense that they won't seek you out and kill you, but they will attack if you get right in their faces. I would be open to other solutions if any of you have any

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