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1.17 crops tweaks and amaranth yields. new gimmick? or just forgotten?


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in 1.17 most crops and all grains were tweaked to take longer to grow, except amaranth, which remained exactly the same. previously, amaranth was a slow growing crop that consumed very little nutrients, that had a similar yield per-crop as other grains. now in 1.17+ it has similar growth time as all other grains, with half the yield, meaning not only does amaranth give the least yield over time of the grains, but now it is also the least yield per-crop as well.

my question to everyone, do you like the new gimmick? or preferred the old one? something in between? do you even think it's intentional?

personally i don't care for either gimmick, i just think having such a small harvest on amaranth is just very dissatisfying and almost feels out of place with the new grain yields (i thought it was bug before looking at the JSONs of each crop), it's too harsh of a drawback with the only boon of the crop being its low nutrient consumption (which isn't even much of a practical gimmick given how soil fertility currently works). what do you all think?

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