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Rusting Hoes


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Recently i realized that hoe as a tool can and by most people probably is used only untill a certain moment in every playthrough. I mean when you get more than enought farmland than you need to feed yourself and your animals (and its not hard to do so) hoe losses any utility it had for a long time (at least till you find better soil).

So i would like to see hoes having some other use than just transforming soil into farmland.

First thing i can think of is ability to apply a buff to natural nutrient regeneration for few days and so it cannot be abused hoes should remove plants that sit on top of block they interact with. So essentialy abillity to "tilt" soil multiple times.

Second idea is more complicated. Lets say you cant for the love of god find any Terra Preta or even Medium fertility, if so your farming will be slow and inefficient. You could use compost but it takes forever to make in any impactfull quantity. So my idea is when farmland is low on nutrients and you use some fertilizer you can then use hoe (again it should destroy plants on top of a block if there are any) to tilt that farmland using up half of fertilizer thats in it but expanding its capacity for nutrients by same amount ( rounded down 2.4% or 2.8% used -> 2% added to capacity ). 

Third is connected to both. If there is a plant on top of farmland and you use hoe on that block, you lose that crop/grass but that block gets fertilized by 150% that plant used to grow.

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