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Brand New Player today looking for mature group of people to play this game with


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Hi all

Im brand new to this game today and would love to join a mulltiplayer server of mature minded players. Im quite happy to join and get to know people via discord. Lt me know if anyone is willing to let me join their server.

many thanks in advance


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I wouldn't mind, I wanted to get back into the game for a while now.
When I was playing it more seriously with friends, we didn't go far : we didn't even reach our first winter because they didn't really enjoy the difficulty 😭.

On 11/7/2022 at 5:13 PM, Milleka said:

mature minded players

If you mean "serious", you can count me in.

For the server side of things, maybe a discord server first.

Get a few people in discord before setting up the server.

I'll send you my discord username with the 4 digits on the back in private.

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