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MacOS Bug Fix Guide!


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Hey all! I just purchased the game and I love it! Been playing on my M1 MacBook Pro after solving a few bugs I encountered. Here's what you can do to make it playable on MacOS for yourself!

You need to download the Mac OS App version of the game, available in the client area

Long story short there are 4 main issues:
Mouse not working
Key Inputs "Sticking"
GUI disappearing when you look at anything
Screen flashes black sometimes
To fix the mouse issue, launch the game from the Terminal instead of opening the app directly. See instructions below -
Open Terminal
Type "cd /Applications/vintagestory.app" and press enter
Type "mono vintagestory.exe" and press enter
To fix the key input issue, you must disable force input on the trackpad. See instructions below - 
Open System Settings
Navigate to "Trackpad"
Disable "Force Click and haptic feedback"
To fix the GUI issue, you must remove the textures for the block outline, seems to fix the problem for me. See instructions below - 
Open Terminal
Type "cd ~" and press enter
Type "cd .config/VintagestoryData" and press enter
Type "nano clientsettings.json" and press enter
Press control + w
Type "selected" and press enter
On the line that reads "selectedBlockOutline", change "true" to "false"
Press control + x
Press y
As for the flickering screen..... I haven't found (or made) a fix for it quite yet, I will reply to this thread if that changes.
Have a good one! Enjoy the game!
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