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What do you get when you combine a block building voxel game and a space exploration rpg with multiplayer support?

Utter Lunacy!

Disclaimer - many player built ships were severely harmed in the making of those videos!

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i have all the DLCs for that game, really nice. but it gets quite grindy really fast. specially if you plan on making something big. survival is not really suit for that kind of games for people that are used to "get shit done fast" or at least, planned fast. i'm allways struggling because you can craft everything almost at the start of the game, but you need resources to do so, but you can get more efficient for the price, so you need to build shit faster, which requires a lot of raw materials that you don't have the capabilities to get. (and frankly, hand welding a mothership / colony seed ship) is a nightmare. the workflow in that game makes me a bit crazy, however it's still super fun and the music is incredible too.

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