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Chicken Fence disappearing


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I have a reoccuring problem with disappearing fence pieces.

The missing part of the fence pictures keeps disappearing and I don´t know why.

This leads to most of the chicken to escape which is quite annoying.

Anybody knows what causes the fences to disappear?

Is regrowing gras destroying the fence?
I think it is always the missing piece pictured.

Thanks in advance!


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What system are you playing on, just curious? I had this problem so much in 1.16.5 while playing on a Mac. Although in my game, the growing grass wasn't even onn blocks that should be able to grow grass - I'd come back from exploring to find my fences on top of cobblestone replaced with grass.

No idea how to fix it, but I haven't seen the issue since upgrading to 1.17 and switching to Windows.

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