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Ready to join a server, but there is a catch...


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Hey guys,

I just got myself on sick leave from work due to a nasty injury, which I means I have plenty of time on my hands. I am not exactly a beginner, since I have around 130 hours of singleplayer on my hands, but now I figured, sure, I'd go for it.


Eventually, my sick leave will end. That means I will probably have only the weekends available to play. I would like to join a server where the community would be okay with that should it come to pass. But that has rather some implications. One of these is food decay. I would not be able to grow my own food, therefore I would need to be able to aquire it through alternate means. Either through hunting, foraging (which is only seasonal) and through trading for it with my services. This be not be an issue however, if the community has taken settlement in a zone where one could leave their crops sitting mature indefinitely.

However to make it worth your while, I would be disposed towards choosing a class that may be disliked but needed by the community as a whole (I suspect tailor is the case or maybe another class for some modded server).

Any takers?

Btw I play on Linux...

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Hello there!  I'm about to launch a server, and would be looking for players.  I have a few dozen hours into the game, so you might be more experienced than me...I only really played enough to REACH winter, and then life got in the way and never picked up the save again (that was back in 1.16.).  But based on that experience, I'm thinking of making the server a bit easier, if you will.

25 Hitpoints

Making copper and tin ores one level more common (i.e. from Very rare to Uncommon or whatever is appropriate).

And increasing walking speed one level while reducing hunger rate and spoilage rate down one level.  So it's less of an issue.  Should be 25% better than default.

Trees will also grow normally.  Not sure why the default has them at super slow.

Also, the biggest thing would be to enable all recipes for all players.  Your initial class choice would only determine your starting clothes and gear, but you could craft anything the game allows, provided you had the materials.

Finally, since I'll be launching the server later today, I plan on establishing a relatively large but legitimately built "Inn" or community center near spawn. Which would include fields, nearby fruiting trees, and a metal working shop with a large cellar stocked up with the output of hopefully several players.  So while it'll be temperate and subject to all seasons, people could get what they need if they spawn in a hard time.  If you wanted to help construct such a facility we can roleplay a bit and say you earned yourself a permanent room there and you could help yourself to the provisions in the cellar or kitchen if life gets too busy to play to prepare your own homestead for the season changes.

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Beef, i'm not convinced the classes encourage that themselves, in itself. 
It would depend on if all classes are played, and got enough people where that'd become important factor. 
What usually goes on, is most players playing hunter, blackguard, and malefactors anyways. 

With a low population server, it'd be better to have "roles" than classes. As in, one person does - most- the farming, one does hunter/explore , one cooks and sets up most home based needs, and so forth. 
Of course anyone can do these things, and fill in as needed. 
As the community grows, then introduce or delegate  (offer ) responsibilities. 

Since i know you are wolf slayer, hehehe.... I'd be bugging you for fats and hides all the time. ;) 


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On 12/20/2022 at 3:11 AM, BigBadBeef said:

That one seems a bit too cozy for me. And the reason behind classes is that encourages players interaction and trade. Do you want to take that away from people?

Eh, "cozy" or not, it's a bit of a grindy game, and I figure as I myself have limited time, I'd rather remove part of the grind.  The difference between a player prepared for winter on my server is like...10-20 crocks less than it would be on someone else's.  But those 10-20 crocks are maybe 4 hours of real-time. It frees up an afternoon worth of crafting. It's not like it's Minecraft levels of easy, haha.  As far as classes, I don't think opening up the recipes "takes" anything from anyone.  You can still specialize into roles.  You can still pick a class and get the bonuses and maluses too. But the recipes are fully open. It just means that if no one picks a tailor (and why would anyone pick that class outside of a large server)? We can have someone craft some of the better padded armors.  Or make a bow without needing a flax farm or chicken ranch (seriously, it's one of the most primitive neolithic weapons made from tree branches and plant fibers, why does it take so much development to make the basic version?)  so this addresses a lot of balance issues in a small community.

As Anthony stated, there's like three useful classes currently.  The others have cool recipes, sure, but their maluses make even small group survival more difficult than necessary.  If I was forced to choose a class, I'd definitely play Hunter all the time.  Mining would suck, but I have enough starting clothes to fix for cold area exploration/survival without a tailor and of course easier access to longer range weaponry at both ends of the game (crude bow and arrows for beginning and recurve for end-game cave stuff).

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Not only that, how the game mechanics are currently, as "rusty gears" being the only "currency" , early game when things are -needed- the most, one usually has little to no gears to spend for quite a while anyways. 
Trading Commodities, Wares, and Services between players , seems more viable in long term game play.  Once a dungeon gets looted, the gears snatched up , spent at trader, are gone.  Two people don't get to "find' the same gear stash , so the "currency" acquisition, is by and large lopsided.  Trading these things, offers the interactions coveted, and cooperation/communication by default. 

By going the "roles" route , doesn't lessen the -importance- of a chosen class played, they all do rather have a "specialty" role, inside the game, even IF "commoner" is able to craft the same things other classes can do. For example- Hunters are best at, well ... Hunting, or long range combat. They could fill a role as meat, feather, hides, fat sources for others... whom might trade in things like, pottery, metal wares, tools, crops ...ect. 
They could also service as scouts for a community, acting as local "rangers" ... these are just examples, and you are only limited by your imagination. 

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Alright, you sold me, maybe I could take it easy for a while, I am just worried that I might get spoiled and then suddenly take a crack into my singleplayer world and end up getting owned by a rabbit or something like that.

I can led you my "expertise" if you will have it. I may be just a cut above intermediate in vintage story, but I am pretty nifty around block in games in general, I have considerable experience in minecraft and space engineers.

Did you start your server yet?

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