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Tapestry variety and where else to look?


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I'm playing through my second world of Vintage Story and this time we're modded. In the previous version I hadn't really bought much of anything or did much by way of trading but this time around I'm building a massive base and decorating so I've got a huge map of traders that I check in with. 

So far I've only seen pieces for a few tapestries but there's supposed to be 18 of them total? 
The traders I visit, some who are up to 20k blocks away, only carry various pieces for Nightfall, The Morning, Ambush, Seraphim, and Salvation. The other decorative tapestries and the schematic tapestries I've never seen around at all. Not in above ground ruins, not with traders. 

I don't go underground much unless I have to... hidden ruins are not something I come across often. Is this where I'm supposed to find most of the tapestries?? Do I just have to venture further afield? 

I'm only missing a couple of paintings at this point as well and I've traded for about 12 varieties of vessel and several types of planters and small pots, but I'm pretty hung up on the tapestries, lol.

Where can I expect to find these things?




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