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Mod idea. Diseases among breeding animals

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I think that this type of mod will be very intersesting form server owners. Mod similar with Animal Plague bukkit plugin on MC. If there are more than a certain number of breeding animals on a given chunk, the animals receive damage until they reach the maximum allowed number of animals per chunk (simulation of the spread of disease).

Advantages on servers:
-will limit unlimited animal farming by players
-relieves servers of the burden of a large number of entities

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An excellent idea! I'm gonna try to mod this in the future. If don't think we even need to code any counting of the number of animals in the chunks. I think the mere existence of diseases (assuming it can spread to nearby entities) would limit the amount of creatures you breed. Since this mechnic would force you to go inspect your animals regularly to look for any sick individuals. This task would become more tedious the more animals you have.

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