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seraph child/other seraphs


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I am thinking about "seraph children". This would be so nice. 
For example:
You find another seraph in this world. You can make him gifts (like food or flowers and so on) and if you are in a good relation you can tell them to stop/wait or follow.
If the other seraph follows you and you go to bed, there is a chance that the seraph gets a baby-seraph. It takes a long time for the child to grow up and in this time it is a very simple prey for wolves and drifters, but after growing up the seraph helps the player to defend your opponents (as long as you get him food, because they are able to starve as well).

It's just an example for how this could work, but I am no programmer, so I don't know how to get this work. In my head it is not that difficult, but...yeah, it's my head xD

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