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I need to know why...

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Why can i hear the rain and sometimes even see it when I'm inside my house?

It's like the game thinks i'm hiding in a 1x1 hole in the dirt.

In winter my armor stand frost over like It's been sitting outside since December.

Is this a bug? Is my house not being ''recognised'' as a house? 

What is going on?

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To answer the question of the game recognizing your house you can use a command from the chat panel (I copied this from the wiki)

These are server commands so you can only use these in a single player world or a world where you have server admin privileges'.

Go inside your room and type this into the chat line:

/roomregdebug hi

if the place you are standing in is a room, the area will light up green or red if it is not recognized as a room.

you can turn it off by typing:

/roomregdebug unhi

Hope this helps

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