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Armored Drifter Type

The Teller

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So I've been having this idea floating around for a new type of Drifter. This type of Drifter would be a tank compared to the others due to having pieces of rusted armor either fused or grafted onto its form, like it was a guard before it became what is is now. This type would be referred to as **RUSTED** Drifters.

Rusted Drifters would work in a manner of a protector for lower tier Drifters. The Rusted Drifter would stay in the backline of combat and attract lesser Drifters to its location. Once the Drifters have hidden behind the Rusted ,up 1-3 Normal Drifters, they would begin to pelt you with rocks from behind it. I feel like this can change combat up a bit, instead of waves of Drifters running at you n such now they seem to have at least an instinctual level of intelligence to cooperate.

Rusted Drifter Pros
* Lots of Health, scales with corruption level.
* Attracts Drifters to use as range units.

Rusted Drifters Cons
* Slow moving, due to rusted armor.
* Incapable of throwing Rocks.

Rusted Drifters Neutral
*Same Attack Damage as Normal Drifters.

Feel free to make suggestions or possible adjustments, this was just a thought I had at work and the more opinions the better.

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