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1.18 - Scenic Beginner Friendly | Small Multiplayer Seed

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So 1.18 is almost here and I've been trying to find a world for a new playthrough. I used the continents settings and was able to find a nice world. It spawns you on an large island which has most of the rocks types, especially those which the important ores spawn, as well as a lot trees besides what you'd only find in a tropical area. The island itself is big enough to support a small server and has some unique scenic areas. I went through the map and plotted down some important sites/resources. I've included some pictures in case anyone is interested.

Seed: 191813150

Climate distribution: Realistic

Oceans: Continental

Geologic Upheaval: Common

SPAWN. You start at the northmost point, in the basalt area. 

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/n5f9lujikmesw2i/Continental_Map_1.18_Stable.vcdbs/file





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World gen was adjusted in the first stable release of 1.18. This map was generated in 1.18 rc.2. I attempted to play with in it the stable release. Once you pass the ocean, you're met with landform with surrounds the map pictured above. The newly generated chunk borders have steep cliffs but its not too jarring. Newly generated chunks parameters in stable 1.18 have oceans disabled by default so the default new terrain might be a large endless landmass. 

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