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Pergament or paper maps

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Add the possibility of creating paper cards that could be drawn manually. In addition, it would be great if the character could draw a map, holding a beer material in his hand, such as coal or mascara. Such cards could be stored on a shelf or in the atlas, creating a unique collection for each player. This function will add more realism and allow players to create their own cards in the world of the game.

I also suggest that cards should be made of parchment or rough paper to add a feeling of vintage and authenticity of the gaming atmosphere.

Also, in order to make the game more interesting and interactive, you can offer to make cards primitive-topographic, where players can independently draw the elements of the terrain (mountains, forests, rivers, roads, buildings, etc.) and designate the location of various objects and tasks on the map .

In addition, you can add a function that allows players to draw your character on the map, holding scribe material (coal, mascara) in their hand to improve game experience and make the game more memorable.

For storage of cards, you can provide a shelf or a special atlas, which will serve as a place of storage and protection of cards from damage and losses.

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