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(NOT Final/WIP)Sea-Water Update:

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New trader:

Since some people will make the world with large number of rivers, swamps, lakes and seas. This does not allow merchants to spawn, I suggest for merchants to make Ships and Rafts, as well as buildings on stilts in the swamps.

World generation setting's:
Where do traders spawn?  - Everyone(New Standart), Only Ground(Standart Wagon's), Only Sea(Ship's), Off Trader's(Trader's not spawn)
Distance between trader's -  Standart 800-2000 block's
Spawn structures with multiple trader's: Yes(Choice Chance: 5/10/20/30/40/50-100%) or No.

New structure's:
Swamp outpost - Generates in swamps or areas where there is lot of water. Building on high piles with hanging stairs
Trader ship, Fishman ship, Swamp outpost, Large trading ship(2-4 trader's, like trader camp where 2-3 trader's with wagon's)...
Trader Ship example.
New trader's:
Fishman: - Spawn in sea/river/lake or on the shore.
Sells: Fishing Rods, Fish & Fish Meat, Seaweed/Alga
Buys: Rare Fishing Rods, Meat, Vegetables/Fruit/Berry, Bait, Net

Diver Treasure hunter
- Spawn in sea/river/lake or on the shore.
Unlike the standard "Treasure hunter" sells items from underwater dungeons/structures.

Sells: Plants/sapling/seed from different biomes, items from different cultures.
Buys: Food, Crate, Tools

Sells: Plant food, Plant medicine, Plants/sapling/seed from neighboring biomes
Buys: Plants/sapling/seed from other biomes, Flowerpot(All type), Planter(All type), Storage vessel(All type), Tools(Hoe, Shears)

New structures:
1) Shipwreck's

Make options with land or shallow sunken ships but in such ships there is almost no loot and they are significantly damaged.
Ships that are deep underwater have significantly more loot.

1.1)Sunken ship with number of chests, vessels and rarities.
1.2) Ancient ship/
barge wreck - Located under many layers of muddy gravel/sand/gravel blocks. This ship sank to technological collapse and not only contains rare resources but technology and decor from ancient times.

3) Sunken city/village/house/churh - Village or town was located on an island that sank as result of landslide or because the island sank as result of tectonic shifts.
https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_des_îles_englouties - List of sunken islands in French.
4) Sunken Forest - The forest has recently sunk along with its island, but you can cut wood that has more rotten appearance.

5) Underwater depository/salvatory/vault - Crafted deep underwater is under layers of gravel and sand, storage with values depending on the generation, having several compartments in which furniture is generated, storage, housing compartments, water purification station, broken hydroponic farm, research stations.
What can be in it:
Living Compartment - Rare clothing, furniture and luxury items are generated in it.
Storage of Seeds and Food - So that if they are lost in the future they can be planted again, you can add some of the seeds that are obtained only in this way, but some of the containers are rotten and damaged.
Library - Contains lot of knowledge about the past, but many of the books are damaged and damp from moisture. Here you can find for example recipes for creating Diver suit.
Tool Storage - Many tools are broken and rusty, but you can try to collect something from them, remove rust (Requires special tools and materials and replace the handle) or collect scrap.

Best version of the view is +- underwater bunkers from Rust but make them under layers of gravel and sand so that they just stick out little.You can also make that part of the tunnels goes under the stone.


New block's & Item's:

In order to somehow let people explore the sea space, you need to add diving equipment.
Diver suit - Or only helmet allows you to breathe underwater it also improves visibility underwater. Maybe craft like "Night vision mask" or trader sell and in dungeon's.
Diving goggles - Improves visibility under water and can also slightly increase the time spent under water. Sell trader or crafting Leather + Glass + Nail's and strips.
Aa_divingmask_1window_00.jpg(Old Diving goggles with one big window)

Shell's block's:
Shell's block have more color's like standart Shell's:
Latte, Plain, Seafoam, Darkpurple, Cinnamon, Turquoise. Need add more color's

Need add more color's for Shells example new color:
Bunch of shell's - Bunch of shells that have physics like sand and gravel. If you will panning these seashells then you will get random shells of the given color.

Coquina (Wikipedia:Coquina)
Coquina rock - Unlike Limestone, it has more fragmented texture resembling gravel and have several color's repeats the color of shells.
Coquina sand/gravel - Depending on the color, in you Panning sand/gravel Coquina you have chance to get "standart shell's" and maybe add shells of prehistoric mollusks.

Coquina with Fossil - They are the subject of collectibles.
Fossil: Fish skeleton, Aquatic lizard/dinosaur skeleton, clam, trilobite, nautilus, seaweed and others.

Coral - Needed for some decorations and just bought by luxuries trader and materials trader.
Grows like fruit tree but under water, to grow them you can make cement blocks on which coral will grow on top or other blocks/rock with lot of calcium.
What can be made from coral: Block, Polish block, Brick.
Also add Dead/Fossified Coral - Grey/white color.

New transport:
Make some swimming aids and oars for them.

Better quality Oar:
Polish Oar = Board + Fat + Resin + Saw/Axe/Knife
Waxed Oar(More good Polish) = Board + Wax + Resin + Saw

Reinforced Waxed/Polish Oar = Waxed/Polish Oar + Nail's and Strips

Dinghy - Small boat for two, second bench can be replaced with chest or other container(I would give the opportunity to insert 2-4 player bags there).
You can make options for 3-5 people, but the speed and maneuverability in the
Dinghy will be lower.
Dinghy can also be improved with cloth and logs by making sail on it.

For create boat your need: Wood(Log/Board), Resin, Fat, Nail's and Strips, optional add "Wax" to improve the quality of the boat.
Some types of wood(Pine) require less Resin to create boats from them.
Sail's - Speed up the boat during certain weather. Can be made from Wool, Linen, or Plant Fibers and as well as the fabric can be improved by impregnation of certain solution.

Fishing - Implement as mini game of tug of war.
Fishing rod's: -
Several different levels of fishing rod:
1lvl Stick + rope/Flax twine(Can only catch small fish) = Primitive fishing rod
2lvl Board + Wax(Or Fat + Resin) + Flax twine = Fishing rod
2lvl Board + Wax + Flax twine + Nails and strips = Fishing rod
4lvl Metal rode/tube + Wax + Flax twine + Nails and strips = Spinning fishing rod

Whether the fish can break loose depends on the level of the fishing rod.
Hook - Reduces the chance of fish getting loose depending on the material.
Hook materials from bones, scrap metal and metal on an anvil.

Bait's - Some fish have their own preferences in food and also increases the characteristics of the caught fish. If you use fish as bait, it will help catch fish larger than its size.
Baits: Worm, Bug(Dead Butterfly), Meat, Fruit, Vegetables, Fish/Fish meat...
Replicas Bait - Instead of bait, you can make artificial bait but it is less attractive but does not waste bait but it has Durability like hook that wears out over time..
Artificial/Replicas Bait example: Fishing lure, PlugJigging, Artificial fly... You can create them yourself or buy from trader.

Fishing net's:

Placeable New - Multi-block design and which does not allow the fish to pass through and when you get it, if the net was installed correctly, you catch all the fish that swam into the Multi-block net. It can also be placed on a boat and help you passively fish by catching some fish, especially if you are sailing over schools.
Throw/Throwing/Casting/Cast net - Throwing net for catching fish in schools.

Water Trap's:
Fish trap/Crab trap/Lobster trapEach trap has durability, and when all durability is consumed the trap breaks.
Trap materials: Papyrus/Cattail/Reed, Vine,
bone, Stick, Board, Net, Metal net
Fish trap - Placed in the rivers along the path of the current so that fish of certain size swim in them.
No need for bait catches passively large and medium-sized fish.
Crab trap(Crab/Crayfish/Lobster...) - Cage made of wood/stick/bone or metal with bait inside for catching crab/lobster/achelata. Trap has one or more holes into which crabs/crayfish/lobsters climb and cannot climb out from there.
Fish Weir trap - Make frombone, Stick, Board, or stone. Fish swim into such traps and cannot swim away.

New fish, Food & Animal:
Fish school - In order not to make dozens of small fish separately, make fish school with certain number of fish with different size and skin's for variety. This will help in optimizing the oceans whe bunch of fish appear.

You can make full body fish/crab/lobster trophy while you get bit of meat..
2 options: Wall or Table.

Wrack system:

Make new natural phenomenon "Storm" near the seas/oceans Wracks appear with different content. Storm creates waves that go to the beach by creating Wrack with different items.
Wrack implement like "snow" that appears on the shores of the oceans/seas but just like the snow disappears over time..
Youtube channel "Борис Рябченков"(Boris Ryabchenkov) this two video have english subtitles "Прогулка после шторма"(Walk after the storm),"Пошел собирать на пятый день шторма!"(Went to collect on the fifth day of the storm!)
This russian youtuber often makes videos of how he collects various shellfish, algae, Sea urchin, crabs, fish and other after storms.

Wrack seaweed/stick/bone/dead animal/trash/seafood on the coasts of the sea often throws out various algae, fish, mollusc/clams, crabs and other. Algae needs to be washed out of sand.

Update water flora:
Edible seaweed: Alaria(Alga), Kelp(Laminaria, Undaria pinnatifida, Alaria esculenta, Laminaria digitata, Postelsia, Nereocystis, Saccharina latissima, Wakame) used to create Kombu, Pyropia(Pyropia tenera) used to create Nori, Caulerpa racemosa(Caulerpa lentillifera, Seagrape), Cladosiphon okamuranus, Sea lettuce, Fucales(Fucus, Fucus vesiculosus , Pelvetia, Sargassum , Hijiki), Arthrospira, Chlorella, Durvillaea antarctica,
Other: Nostoc pruniforme(Mare's eggs) used to make flour
Lotus(Nelumbo nucifera) - Almost any part of the Lotus is edible(Seed, Root, Stems, Petals and Leaves for tea) and can be used to cook food. Growth can be done like a pumpkin but on water.

Update Coastal-Beach Flora:
Edible: Coccoloba uvifera(Seagrape), Chondrus crispus,
Cane and Sugarcane also used as Papyrus and Reed/Cattails. Sugarcane sugar can be used to make jam instead of honey.

Fish/Animal for water:
Add the ability to make trophies out of fish, Crustaceans....

In order not to make a dozen types of fish meat, make several types of meat.
1) Red fish meat - One of the best types of fish meat, even raw, restores a lot of hunger.
Red fish meat can be safely eaten raw or with little salt and restore more hunger than white fish meat.
Salmonidae:(Salmon) Thymallus, Trout/Forel.... Im lazy to add all type.
Acipenseriformes: Sturgeon, Paddlefish.

2) Shark meat - Extremely specific dish requiring a lemon or a long preparation for eating.

White fish meat's:
3) Watery white fish meat - This meat is too watery and restores very little hunger when raw, it needs to be fried longer so that the moisture decreases and the meat is better absorbed.
4) White fish meat - White fish meat is much worse absorbed by the body and significantly more watery than red fish, so white fish meat, if not cooked, restores less hunger.
5) Dense white fish meat - Like Eel. Meat is denser than watery, making it easier to eat and easier to digest, but not much more so than red fish.
6) Unsuitable white fish meat - Meat is extremely poor and cannot be eaten raw and requires cooking.
Bowfin - Cook fillet. Meat is tasteless like cotton wool and when frying it became tasteless porridge.(Overview of this fish in Russian)
Bowfin - Bowfin were once considered to have little commercial value because of its poor-tasting meat which has been referred to as "soft, bland-tasting and of poor texture". However, it is considered quite palatable if cleaned properly and smoked, or prepared fried, blackened, used in courtbouillion, or in fishballs or fishcakes. (Wikipedia)

Crustaceans: -
2 type metal: River
Crustacean meat, Sea Crustacean meat

Inachidae : Macropodia, Japanese spider crab,
Pseudo-crab's🦞->🦀: Anomura: Coconut crab, Hermit crab's/Coenobita(If there was shell you get shell after kill), King crabs(Red king crab,),

Clayfish/Cancer & Loster's🦞: Astacidea(Lobsters,)
Сrayfish and lobsters +- the same skeleton/bone/animation's is slightly different tail and claw size and color

Achelata-lobsters🦐/🦞(Type 1 like Shrimp🦐: Palinurus elephas, Type 2: Scyllarides latus, Type 3 like crab: Furry lobster)
Long crustaceans with short claws 🦞+🦐: Achelata(Type 2: Scyllarides latus), Mantis shrimp(Odontodactylus: Odontodactylus scyllarus), Upogebia(Upogebia deltaura)
Giant isopod - [Short review in Russian]:Taste like crab shrimp or chicken.

Mollusc/Clams: - After cooking/butchering/rotting, you can get their shell.
Bivalvia: Oyster, Mussel.... - Implement as 2 types: NPC Animal and Object
Sea snails/Snails - Make several types of land snails, river-lake and sea snails.
Cephalopod: Nautiloid(Make some options: different shell like prehistoric relatives, Color Shell's),


Sea urchin, StarfishBarnacle(Goose barnacle for cooking)

Drying fish/crab/lobster/shrimp and seaweed:
1 Stage Drying - Salting Options: (In some cases, even without salt, you can dry it, but then the shelf life and nutritional value are significantly reduced.)
Dry salting - Large fish are dried in dry way by covering with salt.
Wet salting - Small fish are dried when water is mixed with salt and the fish is soaked in it. If large fish is salted in this way, it will be undersalted and slightly dried.

2 Stage Drying - Drying Options:
Outdoor - Under the fly protection cloth on air under the roof(Rain protection). If there are no flies in the biome, cloth may not be needed.
Warm cellar/room - In closed room where flies cannot enter. Depending on the temperatures, the color of the fish and the cooking time will depend.

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