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A gathered sets of organized ideas for a combat update

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I have compiled the community's ideas gathered to discord or any Vintage Story platforms for a combat update that I thought are pretty good and can be combined.

  1. An overhauled Vintage Story Model Maker - adding inverse kinematics to rigging to make animations easier to do and add poses for different keyframes. If we can make it easier to add keyframe per pose we can make it easier to create multiple animations for the player attacks and allow the modders to get extra creative with it aswell. The VS Model maker should support first person animations better.
  2. Hitbox not Hitscan - Updating the weapons to have hitboxes that would cause damage if it collides with an enemy hitbox. It is doable and makes the weapon more dependable.
  3. Multiple Entity Hitboxes - With an overhauled vintage story model maker we can add multiple hitboxes attached to an entity's model. Multiple hitboxes like the head hitbox could do varying effects on an entity. Attacking the head means lethal damage, you can attack arms to cripple entity attacks or cut limbs off. Attacking it's legs makes it crawl and make it's movement speed slower. Just like surviving, combat in Vintage Story takes intelligence to take down creatures and allow the player to choose where to attack.
  4. Attack types - your weapon can stab the center, hit left shoulder, hit right shoulder, hit left leg, hit right leg, downward or upward attacks depends on the player look position.
  • depending where the player is looking it could be aiming the upper body or sweeping the legs.
  • clicking left or right mouse button could mean left attack or right attack. These are main attacks
  • holding either mouse button while holding the button "R" allows for blocking left or right.
  • the player can riposite a melee attack if R is pressed at the right moment.
  • the middle mouse button is the stab attack. the stab pushes the enemies backwards keeping it's distance to the lethal main attacks.
  1. Armor - Knight Armor is not heavy it's a stupid misconception by judging it's looks perpetuated by movies. Your modern soldier carries thrice the weight of a knight yet they are depicted as these speed demons in shooter games like Call Of Duty. The armor movement speed ingame must be increased. Imagine this thing charging at you in the woods.

I believe a good combat makes the surviving more thrilling but Vintage Story's combat should fit in with the intelligent survival gameplay. 

Edited by Godfrey of Bouillon
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