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The Nameless Lands Season 2!


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Hi hello!

We are looking for more players (18+) for our small modded server! We had a wipe when version 1.18 was released a few days ago. So the world is still fresh!
We are a community-driven server where everyone matters! We don't want to be big and never will be! Our goal is to play and hang out together with people all around the world.

There is no pressure when it comes to your style of play. Want to be part of a community? We have a cute-looking village where you can build your own home! Want to be a lone wolf and only occasionally play/trade with others? Great!

A little about us:
We started the server on 2nd February, so almost three months ago. We created an environment where people are not only talking about the game/games! If you want to be part of our little community join our Discord and introduce yourself!


Before joining the Vintage Story server I would like to talk with you on voice chat. If you can't/don't want to, no worries! We will figure something out :)

A little technical info:
PvE only
The server is running 24/7
You DON'T drop items on death.
Version 1.18.1

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