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Cassiterite Generation Too High?


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It's a pretty common staple I'd say of these forums for new players to come complaining of the difficulty finding Cassiterite/Tin, but I've noticed suddenly having the exact opposite problem. There's way too much of the stuff! 😱

With the new update and changes to world generation though I've found suddenly just about one in 5 spots I prospect is not only containing Cassiterite but is likely to be Decent, High or Ultra High. I used to have to search long and hard for a good chunk with it but now I can't seem to get away. In a radius of around 3000-6000 blocks around spawn in all directions I've found an honestly shocking amount of it. To the point it's become something of a running joke. Within that bubble (as well as several straight offshoots that go out farther than that) I have located no less than 17 High to Ultra High Cassiterite spots.

Here you can see only spots that are rates as "High or Ultra High" marked in red (Copper is Blue)

I understand some of these are close enough they are the same "Motherlode" but many are not and have spots of 0 Cassiterite between them

Did the Ore generation actually change? I know the default answer to this oddity is simply that the map is an outlier but no matter how much travel I do it seems to be everywhere.





cas map.png

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You know I realized that Lignite, Borax, Sulfur and the like all spawn in Sedimentary Ore more often and this whole area is mostly metamorphic and igneous rock types so I realized traveling south to a more claystone area allowed to find those in better quantities.

Aaah the age old adage of travel moar...

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