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Game keeps Crashing


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[1.18 release version. Single player, shared across LAN to one other local player. Host PC, i8700k 32Gig RAM, 1080Ti GPU]

Myself and my partner thought we'd get back into Vintage story after taking a few years break.
We were loving the game immensely but not the long walk to and from our Tomb stones due to recalcitrant drifters lol.
So we started to use the /tpwp {waypoint} command to get back to our tomb stone.

One day I clicked my map in a location that was visible, but I hadn't actually visited. I made a waypoint, then teleported to that location. Was a bit of an experiment.
To my surprise I arrived inside stone blocks at level 5. I dug out a 2 block high walkway in front of me, though I couldn't see the result as I was INSIDE stone blocks.
I stepped forward and now everything looked normal. I proceeded to dig out all the RICH copper, then teleported back home to drop off my booty.

Now this is where the problem started. If I try teleport to any waypoint in the vicinity of my rich copper mine, the game CRASHES after apx 30 seconds.
Even legit waypoints I created while actually being there, now does the same. Waypoints nowhere near this location still work however.

I've tried to run sqllite and do a recover, however the problem still remains.

So I suspect that teleporting INSIDE stone blocks has done something to corrupt this world. Something that even sqllite cannot fix.

Any ideas? Or does this map now have a corrupted area that is essentially equivalent to Chernobyl? If so, I think I'll abandon this game, and come back a few patches down the road. 

Decided my map had been Chernobyl'd by my teleporting antics as I discovered more and more areas inhospitable to CPU/GPU's. 
On the bright side, time to start a fresh base with no paranormal teleporting!!! 😉

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