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Server needs be restarted for external users to connect. Every time.


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Have a strange server problem. 
Dedicated machine. 
OS is Windows, server is running fine from default directory, correct port is open on router. 
Starting the server loads the world with no warnings and I log in from LAN while my son logs in from the internet. Port routing all working fine. 

We both play for a few hours, we both log off. Next time we try and connect I can join, but he no longer can connect. I don't even see his attempt on the server, it's as if it has forgotten to listen at port 42420. 

To fix the problem, I simply stop and restart start the server. 
This is completely repeatable. Happens 4 days in a row now. Same thing every time. If I restart the server he can connect. As soon as he logs off he can no longer connect until I restart the server. My connection from the LAN (different PC) is fine (even though I am using the "outside" address for the server on my end, it still finds it and logs in fine.)

Any thoughts?


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