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Sewing Kit repair should be better explained

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The Sewing Kit has stumbled me and my friends for a while as we couldn't figure out how to use it - we tried to put it in a number of ways into the crafting grid with clothes, since that is how you repair armor, until by pure chance our tailor decided to swap its place in the inventory with clothes he was carrying, accidentally repairing them.


This has quite annoyed me as dragging and clicking on thins within the inventory is a mode of interaction that isn't really used anywhere, and is in conflict to the usual mode of interaction we have with repairing wearables. Nor is it adequately explained in the handbook (or the wiki for that matter - I'll go edit the page after I'm done with this post), only merely stating that it CAN repair clothes but not HOW.

I would suggest:
1) Giving the player proper information of how to repair through the handbook, and more idealy
2) Uniting the two modes of interaction so that we can repair clothes through the crafting grid (and maybe armor through clicking on it with material, but I'm not gonna be sad if that's skipped)

Balance side note: It would be great to give the sewing kit some form of durability for repairs because as it stands while it might be more efficient materials-wise than other means of repair, you still have to wait until your clothes are substantially degraded until you can guilt-free use it without fearing wasting any potential extra repair. As it stands you're punished for frequent maintenance, which feels a little backwards (at least to my mind conditioned by playing a lot of Stalker MISERY where you get severely punished for not doing that).


P.S. Absolutely love the game, keep it up

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