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Streaming Vintage Story


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Hey VS Fam,

         My name is Brandon a.k.a KR3A7URE. I've been playing Vintage Story for some months now and my dad and I decided to get a server on G-Portal. I also started to dabble into some mods, not to many, just some animals, knapping and prospecting ones. I decided I wanted to start streaming on Twitch just to have a place where other vintage story fans want to go and enjoy some game play and other that want to see what the game is all about.  I didn't expect to have anyone really watching me. The people that have been watching come back almost every time I go live and stick around for most of the stream. All I can say is they're making me enjoy the game even more by the amazing tips they give and teaching me more about the game. I'm still new to VS and still have a bunch to learn. 

          I am grateful that my uncle introduced me to this game and it is by far my favorite. I will continue to stream multiple times a week and building up more of a community and try to get the word out. This game deserves to be on every PC. 

Thank you Tyron and your team!

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