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Temporal storms could work well as an actual weather event


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First of all, let's list the issues with the current implementation of the temporal storms:

— They warn you through the chat system, not necessarily the best approach for immersion.
— They affect the whole world so you cannot escape them.
— You cannot build large fortifications because drifters spawn on you.

Now imagine if temporal storms were implemented as a large cloud of about 1 km²:

— You see them approaching, physically, because the horizon is getting rusty. There is a balance to find between cloud size and cloud movement speed in order to conserve the same warning duration and storm duration as now. Storm intensity could be told from afar, from new visual clues.
— They would affect only the area they are hovering over. That means static players would essentially have the same experience as in vanilla currently, and people who want to flee the temporal storm / wait it out in-game (instead of going AFK / disconnecting from the server) could move to a safer location for a moment. Daring players could even follow clouds to try and extend the temporal storm duration. A cloud should probably have a limited lifetime to avoid infinite farming of temporal gears that way.
— Drifters would spawn the same way as rifts during the storm so that artifically lit (= inhabited and fortified) areas are safe and the outside is teeming with them, regardless of the sun, so that you get the feeling they are coming from somewhere rather than just spawning on you Minecraft-style. The drifters could possibly attempt to follow the cloud to give a horde feeling.

I believe this would catter to every player, regardless of experience and game progression. Fresh and inexperienced players can hide in their dirt hut without getting spawns on them, roleplayers can weather the storm in their fortress and defend it for X minutes, adventurers with good gear can follow the cloud. I think the most important aspect of this suggestion is that it gets rid of the "just go in your room with a low roof and pebbles placed on the ground 20 minutes every 10 days" playstyle which is probably fun for no one. 


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On 7/30/2023 at 4:30 PM, Guimoute said:

You cannot build large fortifications because drifters spawn on you.

i made a bunker out of a pitfall with a pillar in the mid and 4 doors. 

Mods: No Drifter Throwing & Primitive Survival  ('cause of + Bed-O-Nails)

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