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Ability to move Game saves from Roaming (C:) to another drive, and would RTX IO/GDeflate/DirectStorage help with chunk loading?

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So my (C:) drive is an NVMe 3500 MB R/W but my NVMe that the games install files are on is 7300MB R/W. It would be nice if world saves folder could be changed to be on my faster drive.

So soon I will be upgrading to a RTX 4090 but at the moment I am using an EVGA RTX 2070 Super 8gb video card but currently the FPS on this game can dip pretty hard considering the complexity of the graphics, most it seems to happen when areas of the game world are being loaded in. Would it help this games performance if something like Direct Storage or RTX IO was supported where game files/world save files could totally bypass anything to do with the CPU?

I mean I have an Intel i9 12900KS 16 core processor thats overclocked with 32gb of DDR5 6000mhz corsair vengeance ram but this game still has brutal fps when im moving around (like 30fps spikes but not constant)

Hopefully when I get that RTX 4090 it doesnt still run like ass.

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