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Small one #11

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ok more than one actually but all about arrows and spears :D .
1. arrows and spears should "stick" to live targets , i mean arrows are designed to penetrate skin and stay inside so why are they boucing of ?
2. on the same note they should cause small amounts of overtime dmg stacking with both time and each projectile stuck in. It would play nicely to evolution dynamic of humans (as far as i imagine sraphs have near identical biological characteristics) we are persistence hunters we literaly run our pray to death and bleeding them out with arrows to make them lose strenght faster was main strategy back then, when hunting with bow you need to shot two times (if animal if running from you) once to start the hunt and once to kill it when it stops running (well you could kill it with knife but it might have just enought juice left to lash out one more time at you so better safe than sory) , after the first shot you just need to folow your prey and dont let them rest . 
3. projectiles should have penetration value and if its higher than corresponding hardness of its target then it should be stuck inside until its shaken lose or taken out. Only when inside will the dmg overtime grow and be sustained , else after a bit of time "bleeding" (lets call that this new dmg) stops. Penetration is decided by 3 factors : material , speed , type of arrow tip.
4. more arrow tips , we should have at least 4 types of arrows
- broadtip - most common metal tips , jack of all trades good speed, dmg , penetration and range. Most versatile , will be stuck in any target it can penetrate but can be taken out or fall out .
- broadtip barbed - more expansive heavier and less durable version also with a bit less penetration but more dmg on impact and cannot be easly removed or fall out of its own also much higher bleeding dmg  . Best used when hunting medium to large game and fighting unarmored enemies

- bodkin point - very narrow tip that sacrifices dmg over penetration , fastest with highest range and penetration but easy to remove.
- blunts - easiest to make , no penetration at all , speed , range and weight similar to broadtip barbed , can be used to kill small animals and deals more dmg to locust.

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I like the idea of arrow penetration damage and projectiles sticking to their targets. Though your entire suggestion would be a lot of work for the developers. A rework of the game's current combat system would have be done in order to implement everything you've suggested. However improved combat is on the Vintage Story roadmap so it is a possibility in the future.

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