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SANCTUARY - https://discord.gg/5UtG6PA3Ue


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Whitelisted/Password 18+ Server

  • [24/7]
  • [PvE Survival + PvP Enabled for protection] 
  • [Modded for long term RPG play and progression]
  • [Active playerbase]
  • [Anticheat]
  • [Player towns and kingdoms]
  • [Huge personal Claims]
  • [All server decisions made by community polls]
  • [Playermade Economy and trading]
  • [Playermade documented Lore]
  • [Transparent development and roadmap]
  • [Highly optimized performance]
  • [Drama free]
  • [No griefers]
  • [Evolving world and events]
  • [Inclusive and diverse]

256k world - Community generated terrain

Looking to meet other new players and help each other out while learning the game and building together? We just started playing on a fresh server that has mods to enhance the new player and end game experience with exciting new blocks and features that are added only by unanimous agreement of the community. 

Visit our taverns, inns, blacksmiths, tailors, and other player made roles and buildings on the server!

Most of us chat together in voice chat and create paths to each other's homes and towns, create player shops with a playermade economy, and go dungeoning and exploring together.

Join us today


Follow our development roadmap here




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