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SANCTUARY - https://discord.gg/sanctuaryvs


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Whitelisted/Password 18+ Server [24/7]

We are the oldest and largest no wipe customized immersive survival server in Vintage Story.

✅ [All Mods Automatically download on first connection]
✅[We are not RP, but have an RP Community (RP not required)]
✅[PvE Survival + PvP enabled for protection (Not a PvP server)]
✅[New Player+Veteran oriented]
✅[Customized mods and server for long term RPG/MMO play and progression]
✅[Discord/ingame reward system]
✅[Anticheat + Antiexploit]
✅[Player towns, kingdoms, and factions]
✅[Huge personal Claims (5 million blocks)]
✅[Player Economy and trading]
✅[Player documented Lore]
✅[Ingame Voice Chat]
✅[Evolving world and events]
✅[Inclusive and diverse community]

New players or veterans can build camaraderie with player factions, and help each other while learning the game.
Are you just a veteran looking for a community that plays together with a deeply customized MMO RPG system? 

We have mods to enhance the new/end game experience with new blocks and features that add long term viability to feeling like a true MMO RPG. Achievements, extensive EXP based progression system with hundreds of levels and skill points, and builders beware, you will have access to a lot more creative power.

Visit the hearty dwarves and meet the player elected dwarvern king. Or travel to faraway lands and trade with the secretive kingdom of elves. 

See our taverns, inns, blacksmiths, museums, tailors, cathedrals, farms, expansive road system, and other player made builds.

We have an active voice chat, create paths to each others' homes and towns, player shops with a player economy, and more.


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The server still is live. We just uploaded our world map ( Link: ), and the server updates continue to added new features and fixes for the community to enjoy.

https://discord.com/channels/302152934249070593/1139612853284913202/1139612853284913202 Please see this channel for a full list of server updates over time

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