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Coppice and steamship mod ideas

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I always have to go collect sticks. Not the hardest thing in the game, but I can farm wood, I can quarry rock, mine minerals... but I don't get a whole lot of sticks. So I am thinking of taking a crack at a mod to add coppicing.

Maybe you could make a coppice by using the knife on a stump, to cut it close to the base, like is described here. Then, it would grow back regularly, with sticks and firewood you can trim off the top without digging it out. Could probably be a reskin of the cattail/papyrus that drops firewood and sticks.

Would it look better if the coppice was a billboard sprite like sugarcane or a 3d model like bamboo?

Now, my other idea is a bit bigger. The raft is slow, and I'm not great at sailing (Joy of Sailing) yet. Why don't I add a reskinned raft that is made out of metal plates, goes very fast, and has to be fueled by coal or charcoal? Depending on what the API provides, maybe this steamship could also have storage? Would it be a nightmare for the boat to have a furnace-like interface but also be rideable? Is it better to just put a pile of coal in the crafting recipe?




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