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Jammed up jam recipe?

Lawrence Birch
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I'm probably doing something wrong but I can't for the love of me figure out how to make jam?
I've tried puting berries and honey in a pot "[2xBerry][2xBerry][0.2L Honey][0.2L Honey]" but I dont get the little message/prompt that tells me what it'll make. Tried firing it up anyway to no avail.
I figure it was a mod messing with me, so I started a new world with no mods installed, yet the problem persists.
Last thing I tried was re-installing. I'm at a totall loss here!😔

Sorry if this is the wrong forum section 🙃

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7 minutes ago, Jack Mackey said:

It's 0.4 liters per set of berries. So, the recipe is actually 1 berry, 1 berry, 0.2 honey, 0.2 honey. For a full pot of 6 servings it's 6 berries, 6 berries, 1.2 honey, 1.2 honey.

Wow.... Yea I really am stupid 😅 I tried different combinations but missed the mark every time...

Appreciate the answear! Thanks!

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