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Pipeleaf v1.2.0

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This mod introduces two craftable smoking pipes, one of clay and one of briar burl (a rare drop from a new flower block call Tree Briar) and any metal. 


Pipes consume shag which is produced by fire-curing plants and herbs and then grinding the cured plant matter in a quern.  Only certain plants can be processed.  In the vanilla game, Golden Poppy, Cornflower, and Orange Mallow, but more options are available with herbs from the Wildcraft mod. 

Different plants produce different temporary effects: increased body temperature to make it home on those cold winter nights, increased temporal stability so you can collect that last bit of ore before you go completely insane, and slow your hunger rate down to make that food go a bit further.  But overuse can cause a reduction in your max health so be responsible!


  For modders, new stat effects and smokable items are easily configurable (similar to the Alchemy mod, which I highly borrowed from). 

It has been a fun project that I will continue to chip away at.  Hope you enjoy!

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