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Reflection on a means of transport


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Here's a suggestion to the Vintage Story devs.
The game is meant to be realistic, and I'd like to thank the developers for their remarkable work. The question I've been asking myself is: what means of transport could we have in such a game, with so many different biomes and regions to explore? 
Mounted creatures can answer this question, but we all know that despite their practicality, they don't necessarily suit every biome. What's more, the world of Vintage Story is populated by countless mountains, which are a real ordeal on foot as well as on an animal. 
We needed a means of transport that lent itself to technology and the gaming era, and I've got the solution: the hot-air balloon.
We can set it up with crafting systems that allow you to obtain it in the middle/end of the game (Example: the balloon would be crafted with flax in large quantities, and the basket with wicker or other materials). The fuel would be the same as that used in the forge to produce heat. 
And we can imagine a complex system with hot-air zones that would allow us, with a little thought, to get from point A to point B with this magnificent means of transport, making the world even more magnificent without it being too easy. 

What's more, hot-air ballooning adds some constraints: you can't land as you like, and what's bootable on foot isn't on a hot-air balloon. So exploring on foot is always interesting.
So here goes my idea, and I'd be delighted to hear what the community thinks too by replying to this post. 
Have a nice day!

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Would it be good if the blueprint for the hot air balloon could be found in the same dungeon as the glider, or in a later dungeon? It would also be good for traveling from city to city (maybe even on large servers creating a layer of merchants who handle all these trading matters )

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With a few minute sof research, I found the following; the first manned hot air balloon was constructed of cotton canvas with paper glued to inside and outside of the globe so s to better retain the air. The fuel source was a mixture of straw and wool.  That seems to indicate that the tech is all there.

In order to produce realistic constraints on the balloon's movement, a system of prevailing air currents might be created. Wind'd tend to blow in certain directions over certain regions and the air balloons'd follow those currents.  They could even be seasonal. Not certain on the coding difficulties associated there, but it's just a thought, in someone else's thought.

The wind system would limit balloon use and speed, like the hot air zones, but could also coincide with other mechanics, like windmill placement.  Careful consideration would need to be given to town placement to ensure both windmill power and access to the hot air balloon routes.

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A hot air balloon could be awesome.

It could be rudimentary where you need to use a lot of fuel(wood or coal) to start it up like for example 1 stack of coal, and only have "room" for half a stack.

Navigate a few miles in one direction bassed on the wind patterns in that day(it could even be N, E, W, S randomly each day) and match the direction of the clouds so you know if you should set sail or not.

Once you touch ground, you need to set base for a few days to be able to gather enough coal to move it again and wait for the proper wind. So it wouldn't be overpowered but it would be a great tool for exploration.

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