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Valamigos server seeking to add a few new players


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Hello everyone!

The Valamigos private server is now available for a few new players. We're running version 1.18.8 because it's been very stable and we're planning on waiting until 1.19 to update again. Our current (and likely permanent) world is in Year 2, and the date at the time of this post is May 12.

We've all been playing Vintage Story for a little over a year. My brother and I are typically on the server daily, though usually not at the same time. Other family members show up now and then. We thought it might be fun to have more activity in the world, a chance to see the creative talents of others as they build their bases, etc. We don't have any restrictions of where you go to settle, but it would be more interactive if you weren't too far away from the world spawn location.

We have a Discord channel, but only use it once in a while. Our world is family friendly, so language and subject matter should be appropriate for pre-teens.

Valamigos is a cooperative PvE server, and we all use land claiming for our individual real estate. We also allow land claiming for any translocators you discover and wish to control. We're very good about sleeping through the night if someone needs it, unless we're doing something time sensitive like baking pies, smithing, etc.

We run a white list, so if you join I'll need your exact player name in advance.

If you're a veteran looking for a new multiplayer world to explore, or if you're a new player trying to find a server that's not populated with malefactors, you're welcome here.

Regardless of your experience, we only seek players who seriously love the game. Once we reach a certain number of players, we're going to suspend this invitation, and I will notify everyone via this thread.


Valamigos settings are all default except for:

Inventory is retained at death.
Months are 30 days long.
Tree sapling growth is set to 1x.
ProPick Node Search Radius is 6 blocks.
Temporal gear respawn uses are set to infinite.
Polar-Equator Distance is 100,000 blocks.
Surface copper deposit frequency is uncommon.
Surface tin deposit frequency is rare.
Class exclusive recipes are turned off.
Fire spread is set to off.


The mods we're currently using on the server are:

Primitive Survival
Kreatures and Kritters
Wolf Taming
Pet AI
Fauna of the Stone Age: Pantherinae
Resin On All sides


If this sounds like a server you'd like to play on, please direct message me and allow 24-48 hours for a response.



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