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📷[En][1.18.15]Newfie's Vintage Community! New Heavy modded multiplayer community!


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         Are you looking for a friendly place to play? Are you new to the game and looking for a inclusive server to help you get started? Well look no further! Newfie's Community is perfect for you! this server was created on the 6th of September, 2023, so its a brand new world to explore with friendly new people. The server features 90+ carefully picked mods to enhance your gameplay, create a more challenging, more immersive, and most importantly fun PvE experience to enjoy you can join by using the server IP below in direct connect, or you can also search "Newfie" in the server list to find us!
We look forward to seeing you playing the server

Some features of Newfies Community include:

  • 📷 [PvE Survival based gameplay]
  • 📷 [VOIP]
  • 📷 [Brand new world and community]
  • 📷 [Tastefully modded experience]
  • 📷 [100% Player Economy]
  • 📷 [Skills and new classes]
  • 📷 [Server built by community feedback]
  • 📷 [512x512k block world]
  • 📷 [Fishing]
  • 📷 [92+ MODS!]
  • 📷 [unlimited allowable claims within reason]
  • 📷 [No donation perks or microtransactions!]
  • 📷 [Player base feedback is #1 priority]
  • 📷 [Optimized performance]
  • 📷 [Inclusive to all, and new player friendly]
  • 📷 [No stealing]
  • 📷 [Player corpses]
  • 📷 [Huge oceans to travel]
  • 📷 [New dungeons and oceans]
  • 📷 [Pvp Enabled for protection]
  • 📷 [Horses & Boats]

𝒮𝑒𝓇𝓋𝑒𝓇 𝐼𝒫:



Server info:

  • 48 Minute days
  • 30 days per month
  • Food spoil speed 60%
  • Paused when empty
  • Food dont spoil offline in inventory
  • No fire spread
  • 20 temporal gear uses
  • 60 second login protection
  • 6 block propick
  • World height 320
  • Player HP 15
  • Discord integration
  • Temporal Stability Enabled
  • Chiseling almost any blocks
  • 365/24/7 uptime
  • Dedicated Server hosted in Eastern US
  • 14 GB of dedicated server ram

Mod list


mod@Acorns v0.5.3,
mod@ACulinary Artillery 1.0.15,
mod@axle in blocks v1.0.18,
mod@bannerdoria signs v1.0.1,
mod@Better Crates v1.6.0,
mod@Better Ruins v0.2.4,
mod@blacksmith name v1.1.1,
mod@cellar door v1.3.0,
mod@chisel tools v1.9.0,
mod@Compass v2.0.0,
mod@dr braziers v1.1.1,
mod@Dried Peat v1.0.2,
mod@extended crafts,
mod@Extra Chests v1.7.0,
mod@FotSA Caninae v1.0.1,
mod@FotSA Capreolinae v1.0.5,
mod@Get Wallpapers Back v1.0.1,
mod@Hide And Fabric v1.3.0,
mod@instruments v1.2.2,
mod@Mannequin Stand v1.0.1,
mod@Material Aging v1.1.0,
mod@Meteoric Expansion V1.2.4,
mod@millwright v1.1.1,
mod@More Clay v1.0.1,
mod@More Torch Holders,
mod@Nail Mold.zip,
mod@Palisades Patch,
mod@Palisades v1.1.0,
mod@pipe leaf v1.2.2,
mod@Plains and valleys v1.0.5,
mod@Player List v1.6.0,
mod@Pot On The Shelf v1.0.0,
mod@Primitive Survival v3.2.8,
mod@Rackable Firestarter v1.0.0,
mod@rp voicechat v2.2.1,
mod@teleporation runes v1.1.0,
mod@translocator engineering v1.4.7,
mod@Wildcraft Trees v1.2.4,
mod@wildcraft v1.6.6,
mod@ABCS Reborn v.0.1.2(reconfigured),
mod@animal cages v2.2.0,
mod@better jonas devices v1.0.1,
mod@Better Ruins Loot Changes 30% v0.0.2,
mod@Blacksmith Gloves,
mod@can be ignited v1.1.0,
mod@can market v0.3.14,
mod@Carry On v1.6.0,
mod@Composter v1.1.0,
mod@Deco Clock v0.9.1,
mod@Division of Labor,
mod@Expanded Foods v1.6.7,
mod@Extra Chutes v1.0.0,
mod@fishing v1.1.5,
mod@From Golden Combs v1.4.21,
mod@Grassier Grass v1.0.0,
mod@joy of sailing 1.1.0,
mod@Labeled Containers v1.0.0,
mod@Liquid Containers v1.1.0,
mod@login protection v1.2.0,
mod@Oven Fuel v1.0.0,
mod@pet ai v1.8.0,
mod@pileful v1.0.4,
mod@pottery wheel v1.1.0,
mod@Prospect Together v1.2.4,
mod@ResPawn v1.0.6,
mod@scarecrow v1.3.1,
mod@Scythe Mold,
mod@Stone Bake Oven 1.1.0,
mod@Storage Options v1.0.1,
mod@th3 dungeon v0.2.0,
mod@useful stuff v1.2.0,
mod@Vanilla Variants v3.2.2,
mod@WildFarming Revival v1.1.6,
mod@Wood Barrels v1.0.4,
mod@wooden fortifications v0.0.4,
mod@Wood FruitPresses v1.0.0,
mod@xlib v0.7.4,
mod@One Bed Sleeping v2.2.0,
mod@Bullseye v2.5.0,
mod@cob trader camps v1.0.6,
mod@expanded matter v2.4.1,
mod@Feverstone Wilds v1.4.3,
mod@Glass Sleek Doors,
mod@linearpower v0.2.1,
mod@PlayerCorpse v1.8.0,
mod@StoneQuarry v3.1.5,
mod@Th3 Essentials v2.5.0,
mod@wolf taming v1.8.0 petai v1.8.,
mod@xskills v0.7.5,
mod@bricklayers v2.4.0,
mod@More Roads v1.5.4,
mod@block log v1.0.0,
mod@calendar v1.0.0,
mod@MoreCandles v1.1.3

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