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Small mod around lake ice breaking and cold water hurting


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Hello community, 

Mod Link

I made my first mod for VS today. It provides more depth to ice-cold water in the winter, by introducing a chance to break lake ice and be pulled in the cold water which will now drain your body temperature quickly.

Its a small mod with the goal of enriching the vanilla game by something I honestly expected to be a thing anyways.

Since its my first mod I would love some feedback. The code is available here https://github.com/Cind11/icecold and I would very much appreciate any fellow modders opinion of it. Especially if there would have been any other way of overwriting OnEntityCollide for the LakeIce (I couldn't get harmony to work and the method is not available to behaviours?)

If I find enough time, this might be the first module of a few mods I have in mind that will aim to stay close to the vanilla experience.


Thanks for having me.

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