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Welcome to Vinterra


☑️[Whitelisted Server]

The only way to keep out the riff-raff and provide a safe experience.

☑️[PvE Survival | PvP Enabled for Roleplay]

We are predominantly a PvE and Trading focused community.

☑️[All Players Welcome]

New, Veteran, Solo or Groups we want you!


Those pesky wabbits!

☑️[Player Towns and Kingdoms]

We already have groups forming towns and roles!

☑️[Every decision is made by YOU]

This is our core; A community, made by the community.

☑️[Play Driven Economy]

It is only a matter of time before a kingdom attempts to delegitimize another currency.

☑️[Community Events & Giveaways!]

Monthly events for the community to be rewarded for their time and effort.

☑️[No active player Admins]

This is the problem on many servers, blatant abuse by the owners and their friends. Not Here, Not EVER!




We are a Vanilla+ Vintage Story server with light roleplay looking to build up a cooperative community of Seraphs. Vinterra is built upon what the community wants, being transparent with all aspects of Discord, Game Server, and Gameplay.


The community is family-friendly, welcoming, and accepting of everyone. Looking to learn the game for the first time, rush to end-game, or just make friends along your journey? Then Vinterra is for you; help us promote a positive gameplay experience and further enrich the community of Vintage Story.


Vintarians will have the power to influence the server’s mods, settings, and even the promotions of players using their votes. We are an extremely transparent server, there will be no active Administrators playing on the Vinterra server outside of town hall meetings at this time.







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To our incredible community,

We are deeply grateful for your unwavering support, your insightful feedback, and your dedication to making our server a vibrant and thriving hub. Your voices have shaped the direction of this project, and your passion has fueled our determination to create an extraordinary experience for everyone.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being an integral part of this journey. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a passionate and engaged community by our side.

With heartfelt appreciation,

The Server Team

Vinterra invites you to embark on an epic adventure, where you'll explore deep caverns, travel across the seas, and unearth lost treasures. Along the way, you'll make your mark on history, leaving a legacy that will endure for generations to come.

Our journey to Vinterra commences now! The sails have been raised, the bugs have been squashed, and the gears are in perfect harmony. Prepare to embark on an adventure unlike any other, where the unknown awaits and excitement fills the air. Let's explore the uncharted territories of Vinterra, unravel its mysteries, and leave our mark on this extraordinary realm.



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Vinterra's Untamed Wilderness Awaits: Join the Saga

A week has elapsed since Vinterra's gates unlatched, and fearless adventurers have ventured into its boundless expanse. Seraphs have valiantly stepped into the uncharted territories, while solo explorers have blazed their own trails. Communities have united to tame the wilderness, each leaving an indelible mark on this nascent realm.

The thrill of discovery pulsates through the air, beckoning those yearning for challenges and unexplored lands. Vinterra's settlements flourish, with four already firmly planted on Spawn Island, each carving its destiny in the untamed wilderness.

Do you possess the mettle to join the ranks of Vinterra's pioneers? Forge your own path, conquer the untamed wilderness, and etch your name in the annals of this extraordinary world.


The French Legion's architectural achievements are not mere edifices of stone and mortar; they are tangible manifestations of the kingdom's unwavering spirit. Each castle, each cathedral, and each monument bears witness to the legionnaires' dedication, their craftsmanship, and their unwavering commitment to their homeland.

Wardenhelm: May we all strive to create a world like Wardenhelm, where humanity and nature coexist in harmony, and where the legacy of respect and sustainability is passed down from generation to generation.

SmallVille serves as a gentle reminder that embracing one's eccentricities is not a sign of weakness but rather a testament to the boundless creativity that lies within each of us. It is a place where we can shed our inhibitions, let our imaginations soar, and revel in the beauty of being uniquely ourselves. The Swinging Lantern Inn is open for all travelers. 

Wellspring is a peculiar city that defies all logic and reason. Its inhabitants, having long abandoned the shackles of sanity, embrace the chaos that surrounds them, reveling in the absurdity of existence.


Emboldened by the spirit of exploration, other communities have ventured beyond the familiar confines of Spawn Island, embarking on arduous journeys to carve their own destinies in the vast expanse of Vinterra. Their intrepid spirit and unwavering determination have led them to distant corners of the world, where they are leaving an indelible mark on the landscape.

Their stories will be chronicled in the next chapter of Vinterra's saga, where we shall delve into their trials, triumphs, and the indelible legacy they are forging in this uncharted realm. Stay tuned to witness their unwavering commitment to transforming Vinterra's wilderness into thriving havens of civilization.








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